Jan 9, 2006

Desperate Despicable Silence

What is former President Bill Clinton doing while President Bush is taking heat for "domestic spying"? I haven't heard or read any comments from him. I have read that the Clinton administration vehemently defended the right of the executive to conduct warrantless searches as one of the president's war powers. Why can't the the Clinton crowd come out and say they agree with the administration on this point? After all, Hillary may be the next president to need such powers to protect the nation, if all goes as planned for the Democrats. Here's what I think. The Democrats are so profoundly unprincipled that they would rather see Bush impeached for a policy that they previously and presently support than speak the truth. Either that, or they really would throw our national security to the terrorist dogs! Whatever the case, they are desperate to find a decent principle they believe in and despicable for their silence on this matter.


Cathy said...

Western Chauvninist,


Damn them to perdition. Did you read the ediotrial today regarding all this in the WSJ?

NewEnglandWarriorPatriotPhase2 said...

Politics today is totally disgusting, its all about power, not about protecting our people and allies from the barbarism of Militant Islam.