Feb 26, 2009

The "Honey, I Got a Bargain" Defense

Look what you've done, you shameless shopaholic women! You've taught Obama's budget chief the "I Got a Bargain" defense. "I saved you so much money at the outlet stores today, Darling."

Policy shift will avert $9 trillion deficit-Orszag

Here's the "money" line:
"All told we are showing $2.7 trillion in costs in this budget that were excluded from previous budgets and I think that is a mark of the honesty and responsibility contained in this document," (Reuters)
I've come to realize we all, as individuals, at some point have to decide who we trust. The world is simply too big and complex to discern every truth for yourself. So, who do you trust for "honesty and responsibility"? President ("I'm not for Big Government") Obama and his minions, who seem to come up with a bigger lie every day, or someone like Alan Keyes.


cathy said...

Keyes is so straight-forward. I just cannot understand how our fellow citizens can't discern between an arrogant leftist who will say and do whatever is required to grow government and garner power - and a straight-talking man of principle.

They've played the class envy card and to hell with paying the bill for all this 'stimulation.' Many just feel good that the higher income families will be paying higher taxes and sharing the pain of a strangling economy.

This is going to backfire. I heard a pediatric cardiac surgeon's wife talking about the fact that after almost two decades of training and large student loans - they'd finally paid off their debts and were making good money.

They've given 35% of that money to church and charities. He just received $2500.00 for 80 hours of surgery and care for a Medicaid patient. It's over, she says - they'll be cutting back on charity and she really can't think why any bright young person would go through the arduous training and deprivation without the promise of eventual financial success along with the professional satisfaction.

The Western Chauvinist said...

Yep - I heard that too. But, I don't know about it backfiring. That depends on what the goal is... if it is to make America free and prosperous, then yes, it will backfire. But, I think the real goal is to entrench the Democrat majority permanently by making as many people as possible dependent on the government. And that appears likely to succeed.

Cathy said...

Yeah, you're right. I guess my sense of 'backfiring' is that our quality of life, of community - born of American 'can-do-the-sky's-the-limit' vitality . . . will diminish along with the exceptionalism that generations of our forbears struggled to create.

So Obamanation may succeed . . but with the downward spiraling they create - their lives will be effected too. One can only hope that it bites them in the butt. Of course they're the political elite and will always have their perks.

I'm so angry.