Mar 3, 2009

Paying Taxes is Patriotic...

Our vice president (Joe Biden for the majority of Obama voters who don't know) told us so.

Finally! Conservatives can legitimately claim liberals aren't patriotic - by their own standard. See Obama's list of nominees/appointees who don't pay "their fair share of taxes":

Timothy Gheitner - Treasury Secretary
Nancy Killefer - Performance Czar (withdrawn)
Tom Daschle - Director of Health and Human Services (withdrawn)
Hilda Solis - Labor Secretary
Ron Kirk - U.S. Trade Representative (pending)

Did I miss anyone? I'll keep a space open for future appointments/updates.
No wonder Democrats don't mind raising taxes on the rich - only rich Republicans pay them.

Oh yeah - Charlie Rangel (D - NY) - Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which writes the tax code. Lovely.

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Cathy said...

Yeah. It looks like Keith and I are soon to become SUPER patriots. I wonder if we'll get invited to the White House. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to be given a present like Gordon Brown received from our oh so sophisticated president:
a set of DVDs.