Oct 8, 2008

Brain Candidates Versus Mind Candidates

I assert that some candidates appeal more to the brain and some more to the mind. I also believe liberals are generally “brain-voters” and conservatives are generally “mind-voters”. The brain is the more primitive part of cognition associated with feelings. For example, “I like the cookie” - Hammy the squirrel from Over the Hedge. The mind is higher order thinking that generally resists the brain. For example, “I would like that cookie, but I see it has a little mold on it, which might cause me to become sick and if I consume it, it will contribute empty calories to my daily intake causing me to gain unwanted weight”.

Brain Candidate:

Brain voter: "But, I like the Cookie"

Mind Candidate:

Mind voter: "I see the appeal of the Cookie, but I'm going with the old beat-up guy because he's better for me and my country. I'm choosing Castor oil over the Cookie."

Now, some candidates have cross-over appeal and they generally win elections by landslides. You can have your Castor oil and your cookie too!


For some brain voters, clearly voting with their brains is an evolutionary(?) step up.


javadoug said...

wow, another excellent post!

Cathy said...

Ummm Yummmy.

Castor oil . . .;0)