Jan 7, 2010

One Person CAN Make a Difference

Well, well, well... I just got a call from the manager of my local Sam's Club. It turns out he got my letter within a letter from corporate. He seems like a decent guy and I hope he didn't get in too much trouble. Wouldn't you just love to see corporate's cover letter? I'd also like to see any communications between the executives at Costco - not that I think my letter had enough impact to affect the religious convictions of that crowd.

However, I would like to credit Sam's for their response thus far. Not long after I sent, via snail-mail, six copies of my letter to the six executives of Sam's and Costco, I had occasion to visit Sam's again. I have no idea if anything can be credited to my letter other than today's phone call, but I noticed there were people patrolling the aisles cleaning up emptied palettes and making sure the product presentation was neat. It is also the first time ever there was someone at the checkout helping unload my cart and speeding the process. I was there again yesterday and managed to pick up everything on my list. Their customer service could still use a little snap-to, which the manager seemed receptive to hearing and the facility still seems a little tired, which the manager also seemed to realize, but I have hope that improvements can and will be made.

I think the lesson here is, speak up! When competition and the profit motive are involved, people will listen.

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Cathy said...

Well, WC - having reread your letter - I'm not surprised you got a personal response.

That letter was so beautifully balanced with humor and a straight-forward critique of their business practices.

Keep up the good fight.

You're an inspiration to us all!