Jan 22, 2010

It Spilled!

“It spilled” or its sibling phrase, “it broke,” is something we've all heard before, because even if one doesn't become a parent, we all started out as children. Listen to Democrats after the Massachusetts election of Scott Brown and that's what you hear... “it spilled.” Let's play “house” then. I get to be the mommy.

Mommy: “Who spilled it, darling?”

Child: “It isn't my fault – Martha Coakley was an awful candidate.”

Wait... silly me! To make this more realistic we have to use progressive-speak:

Child: “She was a &*%#ing %*$@ of a candidate, Mommy!”

Mommy: “You know I love you just the way you are, darling, but if you continue using words like that, you'll go blind. It's a settled scientific fact. Just ask the world renowned "science" expert Al Gore.”

Speaking of Gore...

Mommy: “Why did it spill, darling?”

Child: “It was a baaaad climate, Mommy.”

Mommy: “Really? What made the climate so bad?”

Child: “See, uh, 'cause the people were mad – yeah, that's it – the people were weally weally mad that the univewsal health caiwah that Massachusetts gives 'em isn't being given to aaall Amewicans by the fedewal govenment yet. It's not faiwah! Yeah – that's it.”

Mommy: “So, the people voted for the guy who said he'd be the 41st vote against Obamacare, because the people of Massachusetts wanted Obamacare for everyone to happen faster?”

Child: “Yeah – well, no... well maybe some of 'em did! 'Sides – you know people are weally upset about not having enough jobs... an'.. an' aaall those pwoblems come from the last eight yeawahs when the government stopped weguwating businesses.”

Mommy: OK, you little pr***! Do I have to explain the entire free-market system and economic bubbles created by easy money policies of the fed and congress??...........

Oh wait. I guess mommy shouldn't talk that way.

Until these leftist bliss-ninnies take responsibility for their failures, you should HOPE for exactly none of them to CHANGE!

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Cathy said...

Bwwahahahah. That's funny!
Nice finish there with Homer and Bart discussing the finer points of reconciliation.