Feb 16, 2010

Tea Party Values

One more before I go...

I'm fasting from the internet during Lent. But before I retreat from the e-world I just have to make an observation about American character and the Tea Party movement.

Americans want to take care of themselves and their families. We believe in the dignity of work. We're also very compassionate and realize how lucky we are to live in this country, so we're very generous with the remains of our earnings by caring for those less fortunate, which includes pretty much everyone outside the western world and some within it. We've come to expect ingratitude for our efforts, but it doesn't stop us from doing the right thing. I think this is both because of our religiosity and our deep gratitude for being the lucky ones. These values are in contrast to much of the developed west where people expect the state to take care of them and others and are therefore most concerned with an easy life and on which beach they'll have their next holiday.

These American values are what make us a center-right country. When Thomas Frank goes looking for Republican bogeymen in the Tea Party movement (The Tea Party Movement is No 'Great Awakening' - WSJ), or when Evan Bayh says the government is failing to help Americans lead the best possible lives, they show their ignorance of these essentials of American character. We believe the best government is that which least interferes with our ability to care for ourselves and others – as individuals. In America – the individual has the freedom to be a Giant. This is not true in the social democracies of Europe and other westernized countries. The state is the giant and the individual is therefore made small. "The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen." - Dennis Prager

This is what the Tea Party movement is about. It really is an offshoot of the first American Revolution. “Don't tread on me.”

Reagan said it best: "Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem."

Here's one more parting thought of my own...

Political corruption is not the product of campaign donations – it is the product of the power to confiscate and spend the taxpayer's money on one's political cronies and pet projects. This is what necessitates the smallest weakest government possible.

God bless America and her Tea Party Patriots.


Cathy said...

Amen WC.

Anonymous said...

Love your website.
It's too funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am from Australia.

Why should a religiously informed politics be center-right.

There is no left and right in the Spiritually awakened feeling heart.

Indeed when the feeling heart is awakened there is no difference to be found anywhere--just an infinite fullness. And hence no one to fight against.

That having been said what heart-inspired Wisdom, or any kind of understanding of the great matters of human existence-being, informs the Tea Party movement.

How many guns would Jesus own?

Which gun, and how many guns would Jesus recommend that his disciples/followers own?

You dont really think that Jesus, or any other Illuminated Saint would address a Tea Party (or NRA) rally do you?

The Western Chauvinist said...

Welcome Australian Anonymous. Mind if I call you AA?

First, I do believe Jesus would address a Tea Party rally and the NRA - simultaneously(!) because I believe in the universality of Jesus' saving grace. You don't?

Is Jesus just for the poor and the pacifist? This is the near-heretical teaching of Liberation Theology which predominates on the Left.

Second, Jesus was NOT a pacifist. If he was, he would never have gone to the cross (almost a direct quote from my priest who is careful not to display any left/right bias). Pacifism is the mindset of those wishing to wallow in their virtue. The "feeling heart" as you say, which mostly feels its moral superiority, but isn't very helpful in the struggle between good and evil.

I wish to engage in the struggle. It too has been universal and I "think" (not feel) one should choose sides.

It is interesting you emphasized the gun issue as I didn't even bring it up in my post. Maybe it is an Australian perception of America problem. You may be surprised to know that I don't even own a gun... yet. And no - I don't think Jesus is going to whisper to me which model to buy. His weapons are much more powerful than anything we've devised.

Are you under the impression that evil will be conquered in America (or anywhere else) if only everyone gives up their guns? Have you heard about knifing in Britain (100 per day)?

I think you might be one of those "vague theosophical minds for whom the universe is an immense melting pot... which shrink[s] instinctively from that earthquake saying of our Gospels, which declare that the Son of God came not with peace, but with a sundering sword." And "any man who preaches real love is bound to beget hate... real love always ends in bloodshed." G. K. Chesterton

Finally, I'd like to point out another tactic of the Left which you seem to engage in. You seem to know what is in the conservative's heart (or should I say "black" heart?). My post was trying to describe the good intentions of most conservatives to take care of themselves and their families and you turn the discussion to guns. I think your "heart" cannot accept that conservatives might have ANY good intentions, because that would destroy your whole world-view.

I hope you'll consider my response as a provocation of thought (or feeling or whatever) and not as an attack. I give you full credit for visiting a conservative blog and commenting as I suspect it takes some courage to visit "the dark side." C'mon back now, ya'll!