Dec 12, 2005

Tom Bethell on Evolution vs ID

Tom Bethell is the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Science. He has eloquently stated here what I tried to articulate in my article on liberalism versus ID.

The underlying problem, rarely discussed, is that the conclusions of evolutionism are based not on science, but on a philosophy: the philosophy of materialism, or naturalism. Living creatures, including human beings, are here on Earth, and we got here somehow. If atoms and molecules in motion are all that exist, then their random interactions must account for everything that exists, including us. That is the true underpinning of Darwinism. What needs to be examined in detail is not so much the religion behind intelligent design as the philosophy behind evolution.

This is the point I was trying to make. Religious belief was not a pre-condition for the science brilliantly performed by Galileo, Newton, Darwin or Einstein. It simply was. But in modern science culture, disbelief in God is a prerequisite for consideration as a serious scientist. And the philosophy that has displaced God is not good science.

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