Oct 19, 2009

One A Disciple of Voldemort, The Other of Mao?

Has anyone else noticed the similarities between representatives of evil and people working in the White House? Check out Barty Crouch, Jr., minion of Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter's arch-nemesis in case you didn't know), who exhibits some disturbing outward manifestations of his inner evil.

Here's another look at Barty's Dark Mark:

Now, watch Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director, speaking at a prep-school graduation ceremony in June as presented by Glenn Beck.

Notice anything flicking - I mean, striking? Maybe someone should check Dunn's forearm. Oh wait, I think I've found it...

My apologies for jerking around your refined sensibilities between this and the previous post. I'm struggling myself to keep my eyes wide open in these freaky frightening times.

Happy Halloween?