Oct 19, 2009

One A Disciple of Voldemort, The Other of Mao?

Has anyone else noticed the similarities between representatives of evil and people working in the White House? Check out Barty Crouch, Jr., minion of Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter's arch-nemesis in case you didn't know), who exhibits some disturbing outward manifestations of his inner evil.

Here's another look at Barty's Dark Mark:

Now, watch Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director, speaking at a prep-school graduation ceremony in June as presented by Glenn Beck.

Notice anything flicking - I mean, striking? Maybe someone should check Dunn's forearm. Oh wait, I think I've found it...

My apologies for jerking around your refined sensibilities between this and the previous post. I'm struggling myself to keep my eyes wide open in these freaky frightening times.

Happy Halloween?


Cathy said...

WC. I am so grateful for your pointing this out. That clip of Anita Dunn is astonishing. You'd swear it must have been tampered with to create the serpent effect. Dang!

Chris said...

Man, that was annoying. I could hear that tongue flicking without even watching the video.

Was that speech written for a Disney movie? Be yourself, don't listen to anyone else, blah, blah, blah.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck as a person who invites profound consideration of the great matters of human culture?

The fact that Beck, Limbaugh etc are now the "respectable" face of what is now called the "conservative" movement in the USA is indicative of a "profound" degeneration of USA culture altogether.

The Western Chauvinist said...

Is Anonymous my favorite Australian? Welcome back AA.

As my favorite right-winger, Ronald Reagan would say, there you go again! Attacking the messenger and ignoring the message. I actually tried to find a version of Anita Dunn's speech without the Glenn Beck framing because I knew someone would turn the discussion to him.

Do you have an opinion about Dunn relying on Mao as one of her favorite political philosophers?

And, honestly. You thought I was trying to "profoundly" consider the great matters of human culture with this post? The point I was trying to make may be wrong (I don't think so), but I think my attempt at humor was much funnier than Dunn's. Somehow, real-life mass murderers paired with near-saints doesn't tickle my funny bone.

The "profound" degeneration of U.S. culture is due to right-wingers like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh? It has nothing to do with 40 million dead babies since Roe v. Wade? Nothing to do with the attempt to erase gender distinctions with gay "marriage" and the promotion of progressive policies which would encourage grade-schoolers to choose which bathroom to use based on whether they "feel" like a boy or girl? Nothing to do with self-mutilation in the form of tattooing and piercing? Nothing to do with the degeneracy of welfare-state dependency and the corrupt politicians raiding the treasury for the purposes of political patronage? These are the fruits of secular progressivism and its bullying tactic of political correctness.

Come again soon! Next time bring an argument.