Aug 26, 2010

Gay Marriage? Yield * No * Quarter

Don't Support Gay Marriage? Fine...

... Bookworm's asking this:

My question for those opposed to gay conservatives who support conservatism on the most important political issue of the day is this: Can you afford to get into a divisive fight over what is, temporarily at least, a less significant issue than saving our entire country from frighteningly potential internal economic collapse and external terrorist and military attack? --Bookworm Room サ The blessings of gay conservatives
This is from the sidebar at the creative controversial conservative blog American Digest, by Gerard Vanderleun.

I have argued here and elsewhere that there are two fascist ideologies threatening western civilization and the American society which has been at its apex for at least a century: Leftism and Islamism. Sometimes I feel I'm part of a very small army trying to hold it all together with sealing wax and sticky tape. We're battling these two enemies who currently hold much of the "high" ground and who are armed with the power of the state, the media, the judiciary and box-cutters. And about half of my side is blinded in the battle by a handful of self-interest tossed in their faces. Right now, my side is losing badly. In war, there can always be an abrupt change of fortune (November 2?), but I'm very pessimistic over the long-haul. (Thomas Sowell talks about Dismantling America here)

I'm finished being bullied on “gay marriage.” I will not concede that we who fight to preserve traditional marriage are gay-haters and I won't cede “marriage” to the Left for it to manipulate out of all meaning and existence. If gay conservatives are threatening to quit the battle, to switch sides over this – then sayonara, Baby. Join the Left. See how that works out for us.

It would be easier on me, but I don't give-in to my children when they're being their narcissistic ungrateful little selves either, because I know it won't make them better people or better members of society. This battle IS NOT ABOUT gays! This is about the fascist Left and mind-control! If we conservatives don't get that the LIE that “gender distinctions are an artifact” and the LIE that “men and women play the same role in marriage” and the LIE that “Johnny is just as fortunate, all else being equal, to have two daddies or two mommies as he would be to have a daddy and a mommy” are the roots of our civilizational destruction - then the fight really is OVER! The greatest evil always begins with such LIES... or to quote Leviathan, "You will not die!" If gay conservatives don't understand that, they might as well vacate the battlefield.

And there's another whole ocean of hurt swirling up into this storm. This “gay marriage” movement is anti-religious and specifically anti-traditional orthodox religions – you know - the kinds conservatives tend to practice. The Bible, particularly the Five Books of Moses, has a sweeping theme of anti-paganism. God commands his people not to sacrifice their children to Moloch (abortion, anyone?), not to tattoo themselves, not to eat, dress or worship like the pagans and yes, not to practice homosexuality as it was practiced in an ancient world filled with pederasty and perversion. Well. There really is nothing new under the sun.

The Bible is also full of smiting by God of both the pagans and his own people who disobey. Huh, wonder what happens when a preacher, priest or rabbi even reads this history to his congregation, let alone refuses to marry a gay couple? Hate crime, anyone? Hello, McFly?! Are we prepared to see our religious leaders go to PRISON? Think it can't happen here? It is already happening in other western societies.

And yes, I'm so pissed off, I'm going to go there. This is another, less obvious form of the fascist Left's antisemitism. I'm not Jewish, but I have a deep regard for the ethical system of Judaism which lies at the foundation of Christianity and western civilization. And male/female marriage is arguably “the” social institution which makes western civilization possible. Any compelling state interest there???

What don't gay marriage advocates get about having standards and ideals, which maybe even 99.9% of the population are incapable of achieving? Would they not even wish to teach their own children to desire the complementarity of male/female unions? Will any of us be free to teach our children the male/female ideal?? If you aren't cut out for male/female marriage, then fine. Don't have one. I bear my own cross and won't think any less of you.

To gay conservatives who want to marry – GET OVER YOURSELVES! It isn't about you. Yes, it is “discriminatory” just the way we discriminate against a brother and sister who are "in love" and wish to marry or how we discriminate against Mormons and (gasp!) the Left's favored allies, Muslims, who wish to practice polygamy. Yes, it is somewhat tragic and unfair that you DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT to everything heterosexuals have. Wahahha! Quit your whining! Unlike elsewhere in the world, you live in a society so tolerant, so liberal, so generous, you not only don't have to worry about being executed or generally shunned by your fellow citizens, you can have almost all the legal protections of straight couples under civil unions. And I'll even fight with you to make sure you have them all. But you * can't * have * marriage *. As I tell my kids... take your Vitamin “N” (No!).

You can choose to be miserable under such a system or you can choose to be GRATEFUL and go on with your happy lives largely left alone by a vast majority of people who don't GIVE A RAT what you do in your bedroom.

Conservatives of every stripe should be about free conscience. Even if gays “win” by destroying the definition of marriage, a large majority of people will never be convinced that the relationship they have with each other is “marriage.” You can't control people's beliefs or thoughts, no matter how Orwellian the system. You can only destroy those whom you oppose. Welcome to 1984... or maybe even more apropos - welcome to Babylon.

Aug 24, 2010

Obama: Muslim or Christian?


There is no way Barack Obama is a Muslim and I can prove it. He isn't Christian either and I can prove that too. The evidence I'm about to present has nothing to do with where he was born, or the fact that his father was Muslim and therefore he's an apostate subject to execution if not Muslim, or the rumor that he wasn't baptized in Wright's church because, unlike every other denomination of normative Christianity, Wright's United Trinity Church of Christ doesn't require baptism “in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” for membership. And yet, I believe the evidence is obvious and irrefutable. I make the claim that in order for Obama to be either Muslim or Christian, he would have to believe in God - in a higher power to whom he will be held to account - and his position on abortion is incompatible with belief in God.

My assertion is that he's an atheist. Another first for The One... is there no end? He is our first atheist president. The Europeans see this as a major historical milestone for the U.S. because now we're finally as enlightened as they in this regard. My atheist British friends recently explained this to me.

My evidence for his atheism comes from an August 19, 2008 article by Rich Lowry on NRO (Barack Obama, Abortion Extremist):

In 2000, Congress took up legislation to make it clear that infants born alive after abortions are persons under the law. The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League opposed the bill as an assault on Roe, but it passed the House 380-15. Back in the Illinois state Senate in 2001, Obama spoke out against and voted “present” — effectively “no” — on a similar bill, aligning himself with the tiny pro-abortion rump of 15 congressmen.
In 2002, Congress considered the legislation again, this time adding a “neutrality clause” specifying that it didn’t affect Roe one way or another. The bill passed without any dissenting votes in the House or the Senate and was signed into law. In 2003 in Illinois, Obama still opposed a state version of the law. He long claimed that he voted against it because it didn’t have the same “neutrality clause” as the federal version. But the National Right to Life Committee has unearthed documents showing that the Illinois bill was amended to include such a clause, and Obama voted to kill it anyway.

"Obama voted to kill it." Let's be clear on what we're talking about here. In a late-term abortion, the child's body is usually extracted feet-first through, in this case, the ironically-named “birth”-canal, but the head is intentionally left in said "birth"-canal to receive the abortionist's brain-sucking tool and, most importantly, to protect the abortionist from murder charges. If this procedure goes horribly "wrong" and the child escapes the "birth"-canal intact - that is, with its brains still in its head - what to do?

To the average person, and by this I mean the vast majority of even congress-critters, apart from fifteen of them, depending on how you look at it, the child has unintentionally and instantly become a "person" with all constitutional (and some of us would also add "human") rights attendant. But, to Barack Obama, that small person experiencing its first breaths under the bright lights of the abortionists operating room is a deadly threat to a woman's “right to choose.” What to do?

"Obama voted to kill it." Before ever having to answer questions about his “paygrade,” Obama did everything possible during his term in the Illinois legislature to make sure that little person receives no succor. It is Obama's position that the baby should be left unattended to die. Not held. Not comforted. Not fed. Not named. No mercy. No hope. All because the child had the audacity to be born alive.

My grandmother was one of the sweetest merriest gentlest women you'd ever have the good fortune to meet. She was a nurse and at one time played piano in the local silent movie theater. She once picked up a songbird which had struck the window and she deftly snapped its little neck. It was a shock to my sister who witnessed the moment and was only understood by her as mercy many many years later. Not even this kind of humanity - not as much as to a songbird - would Barack Obama offer to the little human survivor.

No, Barack Obama is not Muslim. Nor is he Christian. He's an atheist. I know it the way I know the sun will come up tomorrow.

"Obama voted to kill it." God forgive him... or not. Thy will be done.